Align Your Health: Maximizing Your Pregnancy, Birth, and Newborn Book

Align Your Health: Maximizing Your Pregnancy, Birth, and Newborn Book

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Page count: 156 (page 73-147 recipes in full color)

Maximizing Your Pregnancy, Birth, and Newborn

Pregnancy is one of the great miracles of life. Unfortunately, we live in a time when pregnancy is viewed and treated as a medical condition rather than a natural process.

Women are “managed,” which consists of being treated, poked, prodded, tethered to equipment, and pushed into unwanted and/or unnecessary interventions, often removing them from the beautiful, natural process of childbirth.
Innocent and trusting expectant mothers tend to be medicated through their deliveries, often missing out on the full experience of the miracle of natural childbirth.

This book’s holistic approach includes healthy essentials and comprehensive examples of what a natural birth should ultimately consist of. It lays out the miracle of life in a way that brings a woman to a place where she can reclaim her God-given potential and gift.

The content takes a family from “how to approach their health before conception” all the way through pregnancy and to postpartum and beyond. The book discusses mindset, nutrition, chiropractic, exercise, what toxins to avoid and how to do so, and includes crucial supplementation. It also guides the reader in investigating important and controversial issues by laying them out in a manner that encourages expectant parents to conduct further research in order to make their own well-informed decisions.

“The unique contents of this book will lead a family way past their pregnancy and childbirth experience to lasting changes that can improve health for a lifetime, handed down for generations. A ‘new mom and dad’s instruction manual’ for maximizing and transforming pregnancy, birth, and their newborn’s future.”


Table of Contents

4 Congratulations!
5 Introduction - My Birth Stories
10 Chapter 1: Prenatal Considerations
18 Chapter 2: Nutrition During Pregnancy
28 Chapter 3: Taking Care of Your Body During Pregnancy
31 Chapter 4: First Trimester
37 Chapter 5: Second Trimester
40 Chapter 6: Third Trimester
43 Chapter 7: Labor and Delivery
55 Chapter 8: Birth Plan
59 Chapter 9: Postpartum Considerations for the Mother
65 Chapter 10: Postpartum Considerations for the Baby
70 Conclusion


72 Breakfast
76 Smoothies & Beverages
81 Soups
90 Salads
97 Entrées
122 Sides & Appetizers
135 Desserts
148 Appendix
151 References